Technology That Opens up New Opportunities

Let us focus on the invisible complexity behind the scenes - delivering you shorter response times, better security, and plenty of unique integrations. Discover the technology that handles even the most complex payment scenarios.

Shift4 SDKs

Experience flawless integration with one installable package that makes developers' lives easier. Enjoy the same look and feel of your interface across various devices and a seamless mobile experience with native SDKs certified by EMVCo for iOS and Android.

Explore our guides and integration tools to set up payments most suited to your needs.

Sandbox Mode

Create a free account and use a production-like testing environment to try simulated card-scheme responses identical to the production platform.

All to make your integration process as smooth as possible.

1curl \
2  -u sk_test_C92nbukm72gxs9esBFRZz41P: \
3  -d "amount=499" \
4  -d "Currency=USD" \
5  -d "card=tok_NGsyDoJQXop5Pqqi6HizbJTe"
Test it now
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Ultimate Security

Test out our payment processing system with testing credentials and enjoy the functionality as in a production environment - no need to enter actual card data.

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Test Workflows and Integrations

Simulate charges, validation errors, disputes, and more before you go live. Quickly detect and eliminate problems to fine-tune the final payment scenario.

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Full Access

Become familiar with the API by checking out the entire payment process and seeing how it works from the customer’s perspective.

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PCI Level 1-Certified Platform

As a certified PCI Level 1 payment platform, we bear the burden of compliance, processing, and maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best — selling great products and services.

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Clear Documentation

Extensive documentation with precise and concise instructions designed for developers by developers. Detailed guides that walk you through the payment system and integration process.

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AWS-Powered Solutions

Give your customers a flawless experience with the scalability you need. 

Benefit from AWS-geared security and almost 70 cutting-edge services to process all requests at lightning speed.

Receive webhooks with SQS, Kinesis, and SNS. Turn payment data into insights with SQL.

Comprehensive Dashboard

On Your Desktop

Your central data hub with all the payment metrics your business needs to thrive. Powered by Amazon QuickSight, adaptable to your needs.

  • Compare current sales to your historical data

  • View the real-time risk-scoring calculation for each charge

  • View your earnings, payments, customers, payouts, and chargebacks

  • Easily manage charges

  • Browse customer and transaction data

  • React quickly to fraud threats

In the App

Track and manage your payments and fraud metrics from anywhere in real-time with the Shift4 Sentinel app.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and have full control over your business, even on the go.

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Integrate Payments on Your Terms

Use Shift4 APIs and SDKs to support any business scenario.