Robust Fraud Protection

Save time and money with our smart, AI-based anti-fraud solutions that protect your transactions and reduce the number of chargebacks.


Built-in Machine Learning Protection

Detect fraud as soon as it happens and keep your customers safe.

Fraud Scoring to Detect Suspicious Transactions

Mark charges as fraudulent to block future suspicious attempts.

Sales-Friendly Security Settings

Increase your customers' security by identifying threats, attacks, or suspicious activities.

More Protection for You and Your Customers

Our security features make it easy for you to offer your customers hassle-free online payments. Keep their data safe and recognize suspicious attempts without declining real customers' transactions.

3D Secure

Stay compliant with PSD2 requirements and offer your customers a frictionless checkout experience with an extra security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. Keep chargebacks under control, and reduce fraud and drop-off rate thanks to superior user experience without redirects.

Customized Real-Time Alerts

Predefine and avoid unusual activity, such as suspicious multiple or unsuccessful transactions or inexplicable conversion declines. Get notified and block dodgy payments before they affect your business.

Fraud Score Ratio

Detect suspicious transactions with our AI-based fraud scoring system. Benefit from the cross-indicator analysis covering the user's location, industry, sales channel, product category, and many other factors to get the most exact risk score evaluation.


Prevent fraud before it affects your business. Create customized automated rules to block suspicious attempts by location, physical address, IP address, credit card details, email address, etc. Everything in real-time.

Manage from Anywhere with the Shift4 Sentinel App

Log in to your dashboard, process refunds, edit blacklists, customize the app, and get real-time push notifications about events related to alerts, customers, charges, disputes, or subscriptions.

Download the Shift4 Sentinel app from the App Store or Google Play Store and take your mobile back office anywhere.

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Manage Your Payments and Fraud Metrics on Demand

Strengthen the protection of your business and get immediate notifications of suspicious activities.